We all prefer following a healthy lifestyle, but we end up eating sugary and spicy foods. Over intake of fried, salty and sugary food lead to various severe heart diseases. Sugary products increase the glucose level of your body. High intake of sugar leads to high diabetes and heart diseases. Currently, more than 40% of individuals are dealing with high or low diabetes.

Yes, you should work hard and succeed in your life. But, on the other hand, you even have to take care of your physical and mental health. You have to engage yourself in outdoor physical activities to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

According to medical terms, high or low blood sugar is worse than having cancer. Yes, its true, individuals dealing with diabetes have to control their eating routine. They even have to follow the exercise routine suggested by doctors. Apart from that, they become more emotional and sensitive.

In simpler words, individuals suffering from high blood sugar level cannot happily enjoy their life. But do you know what becomes the best friend of these individuals? The Glucometer is one such device that helps high and low diabetic patients to check their glucose level. Diabetic patients often check their glucose level with the help of this device.

These glucometers provides almost accurate results about the patient’s blood sugar level. Currently, there are many highly-advanced glucometers available in the market. The market is filled with a handful of glucometers and choosing a perfect one is a challenging task. The standard glucometer kit comprises of test strips, a plunger, a meter and lancet.

Glucometers have become a essential thing of diabetic patients. These devices help doctors and patients to keep a track about the current sugar level. Apart from that, with the help of these devices, doctors even modify the patient’s diet and medicines.

Therefore, in this article, we’ll discuss alot about glucometers. If you are a diabetic patient, then this article will undoubtedly help you. We’ll even provide a well-researched buyers’ guide to purchasing a perfect glucometer for yourself. Here is the list of the top 10 glucometers available in India.

Best Glucometers In India

Buy Best Glucometer In 2021 india

1) Accu-Chek Active Glucose Monitor

Accu-Chek Active Glucose Monitor

Accu-Chek Glucose Monitor is the highest-selling glucometer in India. This device features various advanced features for diabetic patients. The Accu-Chek glucose monitor is small in size and provides accurate results within five minutes. This product is exclusively available on Amazon and Flipkart. You can even purchase it from the offline stores. You can blindly purchase this product because the Accu-Check monitor is the best glucometer.

2) One Touch Select Simple Blood Glucose Monitoring System

One Touch Select Simple Blood Glucose Monitoring System

One Touch Select glucometer is easy to use and features color alerts features. Apart from that, this device also provides sound alerts for different range. The interface of this device is user-friendly, and results are also quite accurate. It is a perfect device for home-usage. Even the oldies can also easily check their blood sugar with this device.

3) Morepen BG-03 Glucometer

Morepen BG-03 Glucometer

The next glucometer which comes in our list is by Dr. Morepen. This is the perfect device to check your blood sugar level effortlessly. It features various sound alerts for the diabetic patients. This glucometer is quite budget-friendly and small in size. The interface of this glucometer is user-friendly. You can purchase this glucometer if your budget is tight.

4) Bayer Contour TS Blood Glucometer

Bayer Contour Blood Glucometer features a large LCD screen which monitors your blood sugar level effortlessly. Apart from that, this glucometer can store upto 50 blood samples. Even no coding is required to use this highly-advanced glucometer. This glucometer comes with a lifetime warranty and users can undoubtedly purchase this device.

5) Truworth G30 Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Truworth G30 Blood Glucose Monitoring System features various innovative features. This device can easily store upto 450 blood samples. Apart from that, you can transfer the results through a USB cable to your laptop or smartphone. This device also comes with a lifetime warranty.

6) Omron HGM 112

Omron glucometer is the most reliable blood sugar monitoring device. This device is highly recommended by doctors and experts. The design of this glucometer is quite appealing, and the interface is also user-friendly. The features of this glucometer are easy to understand. Like other products, no coding is required for this device.

7) Alere G1 Blood Glucose Monitor

Alere Blood Glucose Monitor is made up of superior material. This device is perfect for individuals who consistently check their blood sugar levels. Sound alerts are one of the significant features of this device. Apart from that, oldies can also use this device effortlessly. When it comes to price, you don’t have to pay much for this device.

8) Accu-Chek Performa Glucometer

The Accu-Chek Performa glucometer features a large LCD screen, and even the testing strips of this device is quite cheaper. Apart from that, this device can effortlessly transfer the data to your desktop and smartphone. This innovative product is highly recommended by the experts and doctors. You can easily check your blood sugar level within five seconds.

9) Accu Sure Glucometer

Accu Sure Glucometer can easily store upto 450 blood samples without any coding. You’ll be surprised to know the price of this glucometer is quite budget-friendly. This glucometer is blessed with all the useful features, and 50 testing strips are available with this product. In simpler words, you should purchase this product at the earliest.

10) Nipro TRUEone Blood Glucometer

Nipro TRUEone Blood Glucometer is the smallest and fastest glucometer of India. It is highly recommended by doctors, and the user ratings are also positive. The data provided by this glucometer can be easily downloaded on the desktop. In simpler words, this innovative device is the best glucometer in India.

Buyers Guide For Purchasing Glucometers

  • If you are first time purchasing a glucometer, then this buyers guide is especially for you. There are certain things which you should know before purchasing a glucometer.
  • Whenever you visit an offline store, never trust on the seller. Yes, your preferred glucometer should provide you with accurate readings without fail. Therefore, invest some extra money and purchase the highly-recommended devices. There are numerous glucometers available in the market. But before purchasing, always consult with your doctor.
  • When it comes to size, your glucometer should not be bulky or big in size. Yes, nowadays, individuals mostly prefer the smallest glucometers because they are easy to carry. Accu-Chek provides the best and smallest glucometers.
  • There are various glucometers which only checks the blood glucose level. But its 21st century and you need something much better. Therefore always purchase the glucometers, which also provides the results of Plasma Glucose. Yes, Plasma glucose is different from your normal blood sugar level. Plasma glucose is checked in labs, but highly-advanced glucometers can also check it comfortably. Yes, the price may go up but it’s a one-time investment.
  • Memory size of your preferred glucometer also matters alot. When you have a bigger memory size glucometer, you can actually store innumerable blood samples. In some cases, old data is also required by the doctor to check the progress report. Therefore whenever you purchase a glucometer, check the memory size and accuracy level.
  • When it comes to meters and strips, you actually have to spend alot on purchasing them. But, always buy a glucometer which feature cartridges and discs. Yes, it may drain your pocket, but actually it will save your money smartly. Such cartridges allow you to conduct multiple tests with the same strips.
  • There are various glucometers available in the market which are blessed with extraordinary features. But these devices are quite expensive. Glucometers should be actually easy to handle with a handful of useful features. Don’t waste your hard-earned money on useless features.

Benefits Of Purchasing These Glucometers

  • Glucometers are featured with innumerable benefits and purchasing them is always beneficial. Doctors and experts recommend all the glucometers, which are available in the list.
  • These glucometers are cost-effective, and they are easily available on the online and offline stores. When it comes to ratings, all the glucometers are blessed with positive ratings. When it comes to benefits, all these glucometers features all the useful features.
  • The most significant benefit of these glucometers that they don’t require coding to find accurate results. Even the memory size of the glucometers is quite big; therefore you can store innumerable blood samples.
  • Size also matters alot when it comes to glucometers. Glucometers mentioned in our list are quite small, and they are easy to carry. When it comes to interface, these glucometers are easy to use. Apart from that, these glucometers feature a user-friendly interface.
  • When it comes to brands, you’ll surely get confused while purchasing your desired glucometer. Our recommendation is to purchase Accu-Chek glucometers because they are cost-effective and easy to use. If you want something more budget-friendly, then you can buy Dr Morepen glucometers.

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